Our solution improved the customer experience through informed data-driven decisions.

The Problem: 

The Customer Field Services (CFS) branch within one of our large water utility customers had many different stakeholders with a diverse range of reporting requirements to assist with regulatory metrics as well as improving the customer experience with regard to responding to water works required. CFS did not have someone within their team who could assist with the creation of reports and insights but saw not only the immediate need for this information but also the importance of it.

The Solution 

exposé were engaged to elicit a set of business requirements and context from a range of stakeholders before creating the backend SQL logic, models and the final reports and insights through Power BI. Additionally,an understanding the business cases of new projects was required to create Power BI reports which met these needs from a data and presentation perspective. Some reporting and insights included:

  • A large update to an existing report on the efficiency of workers and depots under a new trial of responding to customer jobs was achieved. The update of the report came with significant time pressure to achieve a short turnaround before the stakeholder presented to Management.
  • Previously the CFS management had no oversight of the hours required for crew assignments to urgent water works. A new report was created, which showed a breakdown of the types of jobs and the time spent assigning them, which was then converted into Full Time Equivalent values.
  • A large piece of work involved moving an outdated SSRS report to a more user-friendly and pertinent report within Power BI. This task involved complex backend SQL manipulation but achieved a field worker-friendly final report.

The Business Benefit 

The solution created assisted Customer Field Services management in making data-informed decisions around improving the customer experience in terms of responding to required water works. The trial report confirmed the benefits of 3 depots working together to respond to customer needs. These benefits of reduced travel time to jobs, quicker fixes and overall efficiency were all illustrated through the Power BI report. This insight helped the stakeholder to expand the new working model to all depots statewide after Management meetings. The BI report for evaluating FTE of the new field coordinator role allowed for the stakeholder to achieve their business needs of creating a new position to meet the hours of work (FTE) required to assign jobs. Consequently, the report helped achieve “A very favourable outcome for CFS”. The migration of an important dashboard with metrics requiring reporting to the regulatory body from SSRS to Power BI yielded many benefits. It removed potential downtime of the report, allowed for a more consistent interface for stakeholders and bought in important new metrics which require reporting from the new Financial Year onwards.

Download the full case study: here.

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