Developing outcomes reporting for the client’s youth programs and data-driven decisions through a reliable data analytics platform to meet business needs.

The Problem

This client provides out-of-home care, disability care, youth education, employment, training, and health and well-being services. The client is working towards implementing a new reporting solution on the organisation’s Data Analytics and Management Platform where the core objective involves utilising newly created ‘Outcomes’ data from several sources to meet the business requirements. ​

The client required a partner to build and deliver a proof of value. The existing dashboards were developed in Excel and were there in production as part of a long and well-established business process.  This process was quite manual, not easily accessible and inefficient and thus, required the right technical foundation, which could be leveraged using a modern Analytics and Management platform.​

The Solution

The client engaged exposé to design, integrate and develop the solution through a readily available Analytics Platform.

Exposé began by understanding the business needs around their data and integrating it with the data analytics platform through a series of workshops with the stakeholders. These requirements were then rationalised to identify critical areas of insight. Exposé also provided a technical roadmap around the development of different custom-built forms which was also sustainable and future-looking.

Exposé leveraged the Microsoft Azure ecosystem along with Power BI to deliver a cloud-based platform architecture. This solution ensured the data movement from cloud database sources (Amazon S3) into the Azure blob storage in an automated and secure manner. Once organised, the data was transformed based on the business rules using Azure Synapse Analytics and consumed by Power BI for generating reports and dashboards. Exposé also provided the advanced future improvements roadmap, data governance, data security and data modelling as a secure and sustained adoption for the client.

Business Benefits

The Data Analytics and Management Platform provided many benefits to the client in terms of data integration, data modelling and cleaning, automated reporting and delivering business key objectives. This will eliminate the manual process of generating client summaries, extracts for external parties and overall summaries against KPIs for annual reports.​

Other benefits included:​

  • Improved capability to monitor data quality, data transformations and business reports.​
  • Managing data loads with minimal time and fewer resources for generating client summaries and other key aspects.​
  • Increased business access ensuring proper data is available for the users when required.​
  • Identifying advanced future improvements and strategies for re-focusing current business.
  • Identifying opportunities to create an advanced platform for automatically resolving future business requirements (technical domain).
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