Author: Etienne Oosthuysen

Data Security – Five Handy Tips NOT to do

To reflect on the importance of Data privacy, which has become more critical than ever, here are five handy tips on what NOT to do

01: Do not assume you have the right to access the data simply because someone gave you access (Ask the question, should I?).
02: Do not take a lax view regarding data security; always be cautious and prepared (Ask the question, ARE we prepared? If the answer is no, make a plan).
03: To protect your privacy, do not use a simple password regime; make sure it is complex and hard to crack (Ask the question, what password security rules do we need to implement?).
04: Do not ignore the importance of multi-factor authentication. (Ask the question if not in place, when will we activate 2FA?).
05: Do not view a sensible and informed security design for your data ecosystem as a luxury or something for later. (Ask the question, do we have a security design for our data ecosystem? If the answer is no, it is time to speak with an expert).

If you would like to learn more about data privacy, please reach out HERE for a confidential discussion.

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