The Problem

This Early Education client launched a new app used to support parents and caregivers throughout a child’s growth.  They wished to understand the elements of the app which were successful, and areas where future enhancements can be made to grow the capability and services the app offered.  Additionally, reports were needed to be provided at a state ministerial level  to show the success, or otherwise, of the app amongst the community.

The current situation required a lot of manual overhead to collate the information which was stored in 3 separate locations (Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Azure App Insights) and not easy or quick to obtain.

The business was looking for a solution that would promptly provide key information at their fingertips to help form the conversation at stakeholder meetings in order to make informed decisions regarding the growth of the app.

The Solution

Exposé was engaged to create and develop a simplified solution to help the business access data across all three platforms instantly and report back to stakeholders.

We liaised with the client to determine what key information was critical to have and understand to help improve the conversations with stakeholders and provide insightful content for the regular stakeholder meetings.

The total number of downloads was highlighted as a key statistic. Exposé was able to provide a solution to keep a running total of figures, both pre-launch and any future downloads from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Using a data lake for storage to connect the Azure App Insights data with the app stores data, exposé was able to create the full visual story in Power BI, which can now be used daily or as required.

The solution provided a high-level snapshot of the figures used in stakeholder conversations and a more detailed view of the app’s page statistics, clicks, and bookmarks to help gain insight into useability.

Business Benefit

  • By bringing the data from all three sources together in one central location, exposé was able to model the data and create a Power BI Solution that would not only help the business understand the app usage and any required future enhancements but also significantly reduce the manual time spent collating this data in preparation for stakeholder meetings.
  • The feedback given by the client showed that the solution provided was invaluable and increased productivity by having the app insights available immediately  in a single glance.
  • The solution has highlighted a few key enhancements, such as the app navigation for support regarding the self-help options for mental health.
  • In an instant, the business can now identify the most popular pages or topics, such as ‘teething’ or ‘breastfeeding,’ and leverage this information to create valuable content that boosts page engagement.
  • Overall, the client’s management team and stakeholders approved of the solution and plan to collaborate with us in the future to enhance app insights as new versions of the app are released.

Download our full case study here.

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