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Our approach is designed to give you the quickest and most cost-effective way to tackle your data opportunities through best practices. Our team of experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the Government sector and the challenges that it faces.

Ways we can assist local, state and government agencies.


Data Security and Ethics

  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Data Protection
  • AI Ethics and Privacy Consulting


Analytics and Insights

  • Predictive Analytics for Public Services
  • Public Safety and Security Analytics
  • Health Informatics and Public Health Analytics
  • Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability Analytics
  • Economic Development and Labor Market Analytics
  • Fraud Detection and Financial Analytics
  • Voter and Political Sentiment Analysis


Infrastructure and Resource Management

  • Traffic and Transportation Management AI Solutions
  • Infrastructure and Asset Management Solutions
  • Energy Consumption and Efficiency Analytics
  • Waste Management Optimisation Systems
  • Water Resource Management Analytics
  • Agricultural and Land Use Analytics


Civic Engagement and Public Services

  • Disaster Response and Management Systems
  • Smart City Initiatives and Urban Analytics
  • Educational Data Analytics and Learning Technologies
  • Social Services and Welfare Prediction Models
  • AI-driven Customer Service Solutions
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design Consulting


Digital Transformation and IT Services

  • Digital Transformation and IT Modernisation
  • Cloud Migration and Management Services
  • Blockchain for Secure Transactions and Records
  • Website and Social Media Analytics


Operational Efficiency and Compliance

  • Emergency Services Optimisation
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance Analytics
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Analytics
  • Human Resources and Workforce Analytics
  • Public Transportation and Fleet Management
  • Housing and Urban Development Analytics


Community Health and Wellbeing

  • Citizen Engagement and Feedback Analysis
  • Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring
  • Elderly Care and Disability Support Services
  • Child Welfare and Protection Analytics
  • Mental Health Services Analytics
  • Community Health and Fitness Program Analytics


Financial and Project Management

  • Reporting dashboards and data visualisation
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning Tools
  • Project Management and Performance Monitoring


Knowledge Sharing and Innovation

  • Data Literacy and AI Education Programs
  • Innovation Labs and Partnership Development
  • Open Data Strategies and Platforms


Cultural and Environmental Preservation

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis
  • Cultural Heritage and Tourism Analytics
  • Library and Information Services Management
  • Judicial and Correctional Services Analytics

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At exposé, we’re dedicated to empowering government departments to harness the full potential of their data to gain valuable and actionable insights.

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Local Government – Automating Power BI Reports

The Problem Our local government client relies on a labour-intensive, manual process to compile critical business insights from multiple applications into a monthly Power BI report. This approach poses several challenges: Time–Consuming Workflow: The manual data collection and report assembly process is resource-intensive, consuming valuable employee hours each month. Risk of Errors: Human involvement increases […]

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Education – An AI tool to identify students in need of help

The Problem At a state government education department, Student Support Officers (SSOs) were spending a considerable amount of time manually analysing student plan (OnePlan) data in order to identify students who may need additional assistance and support.​ As student plan data is mostly free text related to student goals, aims, and future development plans, analysing this data was manual and time-consuming, thus hindering its potential value.  […]

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Queensland Government – ​ AI-powered document classification​

  The Problem Office of the Coordinator-General (OCG) in the Queensland Department of State Development and Infrastructure assesses the impact of significant and complex projects. The assessment process includes consultation which encompasses processing submissions from government agencies, organisations and members of the public, in a variety of document formats. Each submission is required to be […]

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

We will always put your needs first.

Our approach is designed to give you the quickest and most cost-effective way to tackle your data opportunities through best practices. Our award-winning offerings are fully tailored solutions to suit the realities of your organisation and your maturity level within this full data lifecycle journey.

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exposé is a national Data, Analytics & AI consultancy; we assist our clients in solving complex business problems using their data. From the conventional to the latest advanced and smart technologies, we aim to take the guesswork out of business decisions. Our solutions provide a holistic view of our client’s business, highlight actionable insights, and are tailored to suit our clients' stages within their full data lifecycle journey. Our offerings include data science & AI, data architecture, data governance, security, project management & business analysis, data engineering, data visualisation & modelling. We also offer fully customised bespoke offerings around your organisational needs.

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We are an award winning national data & analytics consultanty. We help you to truly unleash the potential of your data and fully empower your data users to maximise outcomes.

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