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We Offer a Wide Range of Short-Term Staff Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs:

At exposé, Analytics & AI specialists have a wealth of experience across diverse industries. We've cultivated a talent pool that's ready to dive into your projects and help you achieve your goals. We understand that sometimes your projects require extra hands for a limited duration, and that's where our short-term staff solutions come into play.


AI Specialists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer for businesses. Our AI specialists are seasoned professionals who can help you harness the full potential of AI. From developing custom machine learning models to implementing AI-driven solutions, our experts can support your short-term AI needs, enabling you to drive innovation and automation in your projects.


Data Science Specialists

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our experienced data scientists. They excel at unravelling complex data, revealing valuable patterns, and crafting predictive models that fuel informed decision-making. Whether it's for a research project, a data analytics initiative, or a short-term data-intensive task, our data scientists are at your service.


Data Engineers

Data engineering forms the backbone of any data-driven endeavour. Our data engineers are experts in designing, building, and maintaining robust data pipelines, ensuring your data flows seamlessly, is well-structured, and readily available for analysis. They're ready to support your short-term data engineering needs, bringing efficiency to your operations.


Data Governance Specialists

Maintaining data integrity, security, and compliance is essential. Our data governance experts can establish and reinforce data governance frameworks to protect your sensitive information, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data quality. Whether you need a data governance audit or assistance with implementing data governance policies, our experts have you covered.


Data Visualisation Specialists

Transforming raw data into meaningful insights is an art. Our data visualisation specialists have an eye for creating compelling, interactive data visualisations that make complex information easy to understand. Whether you have a short-term project that demands insightful dashboards or interactive reports, our team is here to represent your data effectively.


Other Project Management Support

Short-term project management and analysis support is the dynamic solution that many businesses turn to when they need to efficiently manage time-bound projects. Whether it's a sudden surge in workload, a specialised task, or a temporary gap in your workforce, short-term staffing provides access to qualified professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your team and deliver results swiftly. These professionals are equipped with the specific skills and expertise required for the project, ensuring a quick start and an accelerated path to project completion. This approach not only enhances project flexibility but also proves cost-effective, as you pay for the precise duration and skill set you need. By relying on short-term project management and business and or technical analysis tasks, organisations can maintain agility and meet their objectives with precision and efficiency.

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When Can You Get Started?

At exposé, we like to keep the process as fast and simple as possible, whilst providing you with the best staff based on your requirements. Once the time you need and what capability you need is agreed, you can have a staff member start within 24-48 hours.

What Are Your Rates?

We will offer you a fast, fully flexible and transparent agreement based around your needs, so that there are no hidden surprises.

What Is The Min Time?

A minimum hire period is one day, however the more days you book, the better the rates are for you. So for longer term projects, we recommend a monthly retainer to keep it as costs effective as possible for you.

Can I Control The Scope?

Yes, we supply you with the temporary staff that you need, and you control the scope for as long as you need the staff to complete your project. We have cultivated a pool of experienced staff, ready to hit the ground running.


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