How We Help The Utility Sector Deliver Valuable & Actionable Insights

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Our approach is designed to give you the quickest and most cost-effective way to tackle your data opportunities through best practices. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the utility sector and the challenges that utilities face.

✓ Reduce risks by early detection across operational, cyber, regulatory compliance, environmental and strategic risk monitoring.

✓ It can identify patterns, detect anomalies, monitor renewable energy, optimise energy distribution, predict demand, and energy price forecasting and allow for data-driven decisions making and long-term planning.

✓ Optimise workforce planning

✓ Optimise financial reporting and insights

✓ Optimise Asset performance, monitoring, and maintenance

✓ Assist with cost management

✓ Supply chain optimisation

✓ Customer experience optimisation

✓ Continuous improvement and optimisation which results in long-term cost savings and service improvement strategies

✓ Powerful and intuitive real-time visualisations for monitoring and analytics reporting insights

✓ Improve safety and reduce injuries

✓ Improve reporting and business intelligence, including finance, operations, people and culture, marketing, projects, and so on

Ways We Have Achieved These Outcomes For Our Utilities Clients

✓ Data modernisation strategies and roadmaps.

✓ Architectures and sensitivity & security designs.

✓ Full data solutions ranging from conventional reporting through to advanced analytics, IoT and digital twin.

✓ Data governance.

✓ Procedural change, people uplift and training.

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We aim to provide utility providers with data solutions to optimise operations, reduce costs and risks, and improve customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organisation.

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Utilities – Metadata–driven ETL Solution

The Problem A utilities provider approached exposé to assist as they transitioned out of an on-premise call centre system (Genesys) and into a new cloud-based system (Genesys Cloud). The on-premises system was used as the primary data source for several reports that the business utilises. Extraction and transformation of the data were manual and laborious and required numerous hours to complete.​ Exposé was […]

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Utilities – Journey towards a modern data ecosystem

The Problem This client is a utilities provider in South Australia and has physical assets all around the state. It’s a large organisation with lots of data spread across many capability areas. It’s a complex technology landscape where the data is stored across a multitude of on-prem and cloud-based systems.​ The status quo reporting and analytics included many manual processes, which […]

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Utilities – Ensuring Data Security after Organisational Structure Changes

The Problem Our client, a prominent utility provider, encountered a challenge stemming from an internal organisational restructuring, which resulted in changes to the hierarchical structure in their data warehouse. This change would significantly impact the functionality of the Row Level Security within their financial Power BI reporting.​ Given the routine reliance on this reporting system by numerous […]

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

We will always put your needs first.

Our approach is designed to give you the quickest and most cost-effective way to tackle your data opportunities through best practices. Our award-winning offerings are fully tailored solutions to suit the realities of your organisation and your maturity level within this full data lifecycle journey.

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Our Capabilities

exposé is a national Data and Analytics consultancy; we assist our clients in solving complex business problems using their data. From the conventional to the latest advanced and smart technologies, we aim to take the guesswork out of business decisions. Our solutions provide a holistic view of our client’s business, highlight actionable insights, and are tailored to suit our clients' stages within their full data lifecycle journey. Our offerings include data science & AI, data architecture, data governance, security, project management & business analysis, data engineering, data visualisation & modelling. We also offer fully customised bespoke offerings around your organisational needs.

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We are an award winning national data & analytics consultanty. We help you to truly unleash the potential of your data and fully empower your data users to maximise outcomes.

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