Our Values

At exposé, our corporate values are the bedrock of everything we do. They aren't just words on a wall or a page; they're guiding principles that shape our culture, decisions, and interactions. Our values serve as a compass, directing us toward excellence, integrity, and innovation in all aspects of our work. Upholding these values isn't just important; it's essential for fostering trust, driving growth, and making a positive impact.

    We Do Great Things

    Bring greatness to everything you do.

    We are a team of creative forward-thinkers, curious by nature, people who challenge ourselves, each other, the status quo, and our clients. Why? This is fundamental to being the best we can be and doing great stuff.

    Other firms may have “cookie cutter” templates for solving complex problems, but that’s not how you achieve “great” and solve the hard problems. We value non-conventional ideas, and we take the time to educate and empower our clients, helping them understand what “great” means for their business (their “light bulb moments”) and guide them towards achieving it. This brings long-lasting partnerships and rewards, which we love.

    We don’t just focus on the “what”. We also emphasise the “why” and “how” of our ideas and actions, ensuring that our decisions are purposeful and well-executed.

    We take ownership of our work and consider its impact on others. If things go wrong, we will ask, “What will I do differently next time to achieve “great”?”

    This approach to our work, combined with our intelligence and our do-what-we-say attitude, is how we “Do great stuff”.

    We Are Purple People

    We do great things with great people.

    Our business is all about people. Clients are real people, partners are real people, and we’re real people. And people are everything.

    We call ourselves the “Purple People”. If you are looking to join us, how do you know if you’re a Purple Person?

    • You are at the heart of everything we do.
    • You understand your field of expertise, simplify the complicated and can easily translate between technical and business.
    • You are clever, aware you don’t know everything, and desire to learn from those around you.
    • Together, we will guide, mentor, train, and inspire each other to be our best selves.
    • You love working with clients and celebrating their success and your contribution to it.
    • You’re a great communicator who listens and understands with empathy.
    • Curiosity is at your very core. You ask “why”, “how”, “if”, and “when” a lot.
    • You value long-term partnerships like we do. You know, a good partnership when you’re in it – it’s easier, it’s more fun, and it’s productive.
    • You’re professional in your work, who acts with integrity, and a human who likes to have fun.
    • You’re not a corporate clone.
    • Ego is for others who like to hold themselves back. You are vulnerable when you need to be, take ownership of your work, and if something goes wrong, you ask yourself, “What could I have done better”?

    Culture At Our Core

    Our culture is our secret weapon

    Explaining our culture isn’t easy – but you know it’s a great thing when you experience it. It’s the vibe. It’s how we work together. It’s how we do things around here.

    When you work with us, from the day you start to the day you finish, we want you to have a great experience.

    Our collaboration is strong, and we succeed together – in every role, every department. Together we “Do Great Things”.

    There is laughter, joy, and comradery. You will see this when we have our social events and games nights, celebrate achievements, get a cuppa for each other, share the homemade biscuits, and have a laugh on a call – there’s a buzz, a vibe, a positive feeling. There’s work being done, with fun.

    We back each other – our graduates, our leadership, those of us with extensive experience and those just starting out. There have been times when clients have done the wrong thing, and we’ve had to back our Purple People instead. We will do this again if needed.

    We’re flexible, allowing us to navigate the balance between our roles, our client needs and our lives outside of work. Sometimes this may be tricky, as not every circumstance is within our control.

    Our respect for each other means we are comfortable disagreeing & challenging each other because we realise it’s not a personal attack but an opportunity for us to achieve greatness.

    At Expose, we’re “Purple People“, balancing culture and profitability.

    Together We’re Better

    We celebrate our differences because diversity enables greatness.

    We are a functional family of dysfunctional people. We “do great things” together when we have diversity of thought. Our diversity comes from people of different backgrounds, genders, roles, experiences, and cultures. This is something to celebrate, not an opportunity to look for the differences between us. Together we encourage contribution from everyone in our company, regardless of their role, seniority, or experience.

    We practice altruism, a selfless concern for the well-being and happiness of each other, without the expectation of a return.

    Our people are recognised and rewarded based on the merit of their contribution, not on who we like best or are most friendly with.

    We value bringing your ideas on how we can do things better, and we’ll consider these when we decide on how we can move forward together.

    We look out for each other, and we consider the wellness of each other a critical part of working together as a team. We give permission to each other to ask, “Are you OK?” when we are concerned.

    Trust Is A Must

    Do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

    We lead with trust. Trust means we have confidence in each other, our clients, and our partners, and we value this very highly. We would rather lose a client, lose money on a project, or lose a partnership than break trust.

    Building trust can be hard – and it can be lost easily.

    We build trust by “doing the right thing”, “saying what we mean”, “doing what we say,” and being honest. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This means we can be trusted, so we don’t have to be micro-managed.

    We tell each other what we think honestly, respectfully and with integrity at the core of every conversation. Sometimes this is hard, but we do no one favours by hiding the truth. Our openness ensures there are no hidden agendas, allowing us to collaborate more effectively with each other and with our clients.


What Our Purple People Say

Jaysee Sunapho – Consultant

“Having been an integral part of exposé for over 14 months, my journey here has been profoundly fulfilling. The thriving work culture not only encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth but also reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to its core values. Exposé’s admirable dedication to upholding these values permeates every aspect of the organisation. Exposé distinguishes itself as a company that prioritises a seamless synergy between Business and Tech. Amidst the challenges of navigating technological changes and maintaining relevance, the company prioritises sustainability and readiness, ensuring optimal performance efficiency. Exposé isn’t merely a trailblazer; it’s a trusted data partner committed to longevity and optimisation.

As a consultant, I not only feel heard, valued, and acknowledged but also have the privilege of collaborating with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Exposé’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion goes beyond rhetoric, fostering an enriching work environment through a team that brings a plethora of perspectives. The company actively champions equality, cultivating a culture where everyone feels respected and included. It has been an astonishing journey."

Jake Deed – Consultant

Having worked for exposé for over 5 years now I can confidently say that it is a great place to work. The culture is inclusive, collaborative and fun with an amazing group of people across Australia that are always down for a laugh but also very supportive and eager to share knowledge and support colleagues. There is a variety of work and clients to support which keeps things interesting and intellectually stimulating getting to work across a range of modern technologies. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and personal development through various programs, workshops and information sharing sessions with the leadership having a strong investment in fostering that growth through tailored plans and milestones. I’m excited to be involved and help the company and colleagues grow over the coming years.

Ben McDonnell – Consultant

Recognition as a Great Place to Work shows that we talk-the-talk. We recruit talented individuals, and entrust each other to collaborate and share ideas to ensure that we succeed and develop collectively. Team strength lies not in one person knowing everything, but knowing who to go to that can assist with a problem, and transferring skills and knowledge across all of our people.

Emma Girvan – Consultant

It is no surprise to me that we have been recognised as a ‘Great Place To Work’ because it really is true…..and I’m not just saying that. Never have I worked in an environment where everyone is so well supported, not only in their day to day work activities but in their personal lives too. It is so refreshing to know that no matter what challenges we are facing at any given time, there is always someone available to lean on for help and support. I am so privileged to be able to work alongside so many other like-minded colleagues who all have exceptional skills in their respective fields and are driven to produce work of a high standard always. One of the aspects I love the most is how my colleagues are always happy to lend a hand, despite how busy they may be in their own work commitments. We truly do look out for each other like family.

Tamica McNally – Consultant

When I joined Expose in 2021, I was looking for a workplace that challenged me and supported my professional development. Not only has exposé gone above and beyond these expectations, I’ve been welcomed into a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone looks out for each other. There’s a genuine sense of care from the leadership team which is rare to find – you’re a member of a family, not just another cog in the machine. While a lot of us work remotely or on client sites, it’s always a great time when we get together every couple of months for updates, EOFY celebrations and Christmas parties!