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  • Ach Group
  • Centacare
  • Department for Education
  • Glen Eira City Council
  • LLL Australia
  • People’s Choice Credit Union
  • Piper Alderman
  • RAA
  • SA Power Networks
  • SA Water
  • South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

David Good – Data Product Manager, RAA

“We could not be happier with the professionalism and quality of work received from exposé, proving themselves as highly effective technology partners in the Azure space. I was most impressed by their ability to look at our complex requirements and advise best practices for code reuse via patterns, thinking for the future, not just now. While facing technical challenges, the exposé team communicated them clearly and outlined the impact, which allowed us to forward plan within the project. When asked to provide knowledge transfer to our data engineers, the exposé team structured sessions perfectly and allowed us to progress skills while securing successful delivery of the project.”

Graham Smith, Manager – IT Business Services, Centacare

“Exposé proved to be an invaluable partner in assisting with our complex data management and reporting challenges. With their strategic approach and deep expertise, they enhanced our database navigation with robust star schema documentation, paving the way for efficient reporting. The comprehensive dashboards and reports they delivered not only enhanced productivity but also garnered positive […]

Steve Eatts – Program Director – edAnalytics Hub, Department for Education South Australia

“When we went to the market for a partner to help us develop a modern data and analytics platform, what set exposé apart was the holistic approach that they brought. exposé focused not just on the technology aspects but also emphasised the importance of improving our data governance, along with effective business enablement and change management. They have since proven to be a highly effective partner in our program. Working collaboratively with our team in the department, exposé have played a key role in implementing the edAnalytics Hub, a highly advanced cloud-based platform that will assist the department with data insights to improve the learning outcomes for young South Australians.”

Alex Nehmy – Manager, Cyber Security & Data Analytics, SA Power Networks

“exposé has provided a wealth of talent for a number of key business projects as we progress on our data analytics journey. Their local presence, quality of work and attentive customer service make them an important strategic partner and a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Baxter – IT Director, Piper Alderman

“We have been incredibly pleased with both the professionalism and solutions that the Exposé team have shown and provided during our engagements. The team have helped us continue and mature our data and analytic journey and we look forward to working with them again in the future”

Paul Klose – Operations Manager, LLL Australia

"Our partnership with exposé could not have come at a better time! While we knew what we wanted, we had anticipated the ‘how’ as a hurdle. However, after meeting with the exposé team and scoping out the project to analyse our client data, we were confident that they would provide us with the analysis we required. It was fantastic to have a partner that was local and the team were an absolute pleasure to have onsite. They provided us with great insight into our clients and their segmentation and patterns. The exposé’ team has established a useful tool for us to use in continuing to analyse our client base, gain greater insight into their profiles and market to them appropriately. Thanks exposé!"

Pedro Junqueira – Head Of Data Analytics, Ach Group

“Exposé played an important role in laying the foundation for us through the design and advice on a comprehensive Advanced Data Analytics Platform which created a strong structure and solid road map for us. This will cater for our short term needs as well as our data analytics journey.”

Luke Havelberg – Head Of Digital Banking & Analytics, People’s Choice Credit Union

“Exposé has been an important partner of People’s Choice for a number of significant strategic engagements related to data and analytics. They have a sophisticated, innovative and professional core capability to support any type of data and analytics initiative. We have called on their capability a number of times in relation to areas such as […]

Scott Morrow – Co-ordinator Service Excellence, Glen Eira City Council

“The team at Exposé was very pleasant and professional to work with. That combined with their exceptional domain expertise relating to Microsoft and the Power BI Service mean that Glen Eira now has the necessary foundation, architecture, and governance to support our analytical needs going forward long into the future.”

Mike Zbierski – IT Portfolio Manager, SA Power Networks

“In a Strategic Partner, we look for an organisation that: 1: Is a demonstrable expert in the domain able to provide thought leadership to identify strategic business opportunities, 2: Willing to put ‘skin in the game’, creating a symbiotic relationship with a complementary culture to our own, 3: Has the depth of capability to enable […]

Aled Jones – IT Program Delivery Manager, SA Water

“Exposé has worked with SA Water on a wide variety of data analytics and machine learning projects, providing advice and developing solutions. These projects fulfilled their purposes and required data science knowledge and practices as well as an understanding of the context of a water utility.”

Rob Aitken – Chief Information Officer, South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

`After scanning the market, SATAC engaged Exposé to implement a multi-phase data strategy. We required an analysis of the current data extracts process to determine a modern data platform replacement which provided our Member Institutions with access to near-time data for consumption by their own internal systems, reporting and for analytical purposes. It was important to us to ensure the proposed platform was scalable to meet the needs of our overarching data strategy and roadmap.

As part of our transformation towards becoming a data focussed organisation, exposé provisioned and configured the foundations of our data ecosystem, after which the priority data and insights solutions were built, tested, secured and deployed. The priority foundations now serve as the platform for additional future data and the data coverage will of course also serve future additional insights solutions.

Exposé was our first choice to deliver our data strategy. They have proven experience in design and implementation of scalable enterprise and government data and analytics solutions.`

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