Our Mission

To Support Women In STEM

We are so proud to have a female Co-founder and CEO, and with 40% of our staff being female, we are certainly paving the way in a male-dominated industry. By embracing a gender-balanced environment, we create a space where everyone can unleash their full potential and contribute their unique talents.

We are passionate about empowering women to pursue careers in IT - it's not just about breaking barriers; it's about reshaping the landscape of innovation and discovery. By stepping into STEM roles, women have the incredible opportunity to challenge conventions, shatter stereotypes, and contribute their unique perspectives. We are not only imagining a world where every problem is met with diverse solutions, but we are also living that reality at exposé with 40% of our staff being female.

Our involvement in supporting women in STEM isn't just a choice; it’s a determination to be a guiding compass to encourage women into STEM roles and to truly support diversity. We want to be a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

  • Female CEO

  • 40% Women

How We Support Our Internal Team

Our school-based female trainee

At exposé, we’re passionate about changing the perception of a career in STEM for young South Australians, but it has to be done whilst they are at school. As such, we formed a commitment with the Department for Education South Australia as part of our edAnalytics Hub partnership to offer a school-based traineeship in 2023. We are advocates to kickstart future careers in data and the next generation of tech gurus.

Students and Early Career Pathways

We are actively involved in opening more opportunities in the data analytics space, especially for young women. We regularly attend university career expos to offer insights into the mentoring, internship and graduate opportunities we have. We have also attended other events such as speed networking sessions with the University of Adelaide’s Women in STEM Careers program. We were honoured to be involved in the first Modis Tech Start Program, in collaboration with Microsoft Australia to provide work experience for talented women in STEM who have a passion for data and analytics. Our very own CEO, Kelly Drewett was also part of an industry panel at the graduation, passionately discussing the evolution of the industry, its social impact and why we need more females in this space.

Local Events

We love to celebrate women in our industry, so International Women’s Day is a big celebration for us every year, and we show our support by having our lovely ladies (and our amazing male supporters) attend local events such as the UN Women Australia’s IWD Lunch and the Adelaide International Women’s Day Breakfast.

Our Partner Programs

How we engage with our external partners to provide new pathways and support for women in stem

Our Data & Analytics High School Project

Each year, our exposé consultants work closely with a class of year 11 business students on an 8-week project to tackle a business problem and deliver a solution utilising data. For the past 6 years, we have worked with students from regionally based Loxton High School and St Peter's Girls School, to change the perception of a career in tech. The end results are astounding and offer invaluable soft skills learning opportunities, as well as real-world consulting exposure to these students.

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Women Rising Microsoft Program

We regularly involve our staff in the Women Rising Program supported by Microsoft. The Women Rising program is a holistic personal and professional development journey that works to attract, retain and grow your female talent. It brings together an evidence-based curriculum, supportive community and expert coaching to drive remarkable outcomes.

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As a partner of HerTechPath, we have seen how we are making a real difference, celebrating and inspiring careers for women and girls in tech and STEM. HerTechPath is a community of women in South Australia working in the tech sector who wanted more girls to consider careers in our exciting and influential sector through school workshops.

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