The edAnalytics hub partnership

The edAnalytics hub vision is to deliver a world-class data and analytics capability for public education that ultimately improves the education and developmental outcomes for young South Australians.

  • The edAnalytics Data Ecosystem which brings Student, People & Culture and Financial data together to quickly offer insights and products to the business, to inform decision making fast.
  • Data Governance – creating a data driven culture and world-class standard Partnerships.
  • Training - empowering the business to engage in self-service business intelligence by providing tailored training with real-life scenarios.


Department for Education South Australia

The Problem

The vision for the edAnalytics Hub Program is to deliver a world class data and analytics capability that ultimately improves the educational and development outcomes for young South Australians. With this at the forefront of the Department’s mind, they sought to reenvision how they used, accessed, and made data available. Data is increasingly forming the backbone of the organisation and its schools with data and educator professional judgement coming together to support and lift learning outcomes.The Department required a partner to build on their existing work. A key driver for this work was setting the right technical foundation by introducing a modern back-end system and retiring legacy systems, while ensuring that future aspirations such as empowered self-service and advanced analytics capabilities were considered in the solution design. This also included adopting an enterprise approach to data governance. The need to upskill a large number of data workers to support the cutting-edge technologies, processes and practices was also on the requirements list so how is exposé assisting the Department in achieving their ambition?

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The Solution

Two foundational stages, Discovery and Provisioning, helped us understand hundreds of use cases starting with the business need, working outwards towards the requirements, technical and procedural needs, security arrangements, user training and enablement, and finally pragmatic governance.

exposé leaned on our tried and tested unique approaches to analysis, reference architectures, and variety of operational frameworks, training and enablement, all centered around business needs contained across a growing list of user stories. This ensures lineage between all the many technologies, processes, people and governance that will support the comprehensive data ecosystem well into the future. And a detailed security design ensures that data can be ingested safely from state-wide sources, and data assets can be accessed securely as appropriate by the various data worker personas designed within a persona model.

These two foundational stages, as will the subsequent stages, promote and rely on very close collaboration between exposéand the Department to deliver the edAnalytics Hub program in partnership.

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The Business Benefit

Through a multi-disciplinary team approach, the stage is now set for this multi-year program to commence on sound foundations.

Procedures and guardrails have been defined leading to Training and Change Management to run alongside the evolution of the solutions and to empower data workers to adopt a collaborative data culture.

The technical ecosystem was provisioned, configured and secured to support all manner of data solutions from conventional reporting, through to empowered discovery and selfservice, and finally leading-edge advanced analytics capabilities.

A significant (evolving) product backlog was created with 500+ user stories that will feed into the subsequent development cycles bringing leading-edge data solutions across multiple domains, in an expedient, yet pragmatically governed way.

A baseline governance framework and roadmap was set, bringing together the processes and guardrails, technology, and people from which to build pragmatic governance.

We are all systems go… (watch this space for more)

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