`After scanning the market, SATAC engaged Exposé to implement a multi-phase data strategy. We required an analysis of the current data extracts process to determine a modern data platform replacement which provided our Member Institutions with access to near-time data for consumption by their own internal systems, reporting and for analytical purposes. It was important to us to ensure the proposed platform was scalable to meet the needs of our overarching data strategy and roadmap.

As part of our transformation towards becoming a data focussed organisation, exposé provisioned and configured the foundations of our data ecosystem, after which the priority data and insights solutions were built, tested, secured and deployed. The priority foundations now serve as the platform for additional future data and the data coverage will of course also serve future additional insights solutions.

Exposé was our first choice to deliver our data strategy. They have proven experience in design and implementation of scalable enterprise and government data and analytics solutions.`

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