The Problem

At a state government education departmentStudent Support Officers (SSOs) were spending a considerable amount of time manually analysing student plan (OnePlan) data in order to identify students who may need additional assistance and support.

As student plan data is mostly free text related to student goals, aims, and future development plans, analysing this data was manual and time-consuming, thus hindering its potential value. 

The Department felt that if SSOs could ask questions about the data through a chat mechanism, this would save considerable time and allow them to help students reach their aims and goals faster.​

The Solution

During this proof of concept (PoC), the exposé team worked with the Department to understand the needs of the chat solution before utilising our explAIn engine to build a chatbot that has the capabilities to query data and analyse the free text within and produce insights buried within the data for each student.

The backbone of the solution is exposé’s explAIn engine – utilising (in this instance) Chat GPT4 turbo as the LLM. 

It is worth noting that this solution identifies patterns not only from an academic perspective but also in the areas of health and well-being.

Business Benefit

It has been identified that this solution will save SSOs considerable time spent trying to analyse the data for each student; that time can now be spent helping students achieve their goals academically and from a health and wellbeing perspective.

The success of this PoC has inspired the Department to not only productionise this solution but also expand it to include additional use cases to provide assistive solutions to teachers and support staff.​

Download our full case study here.

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