The Problem

Our client, a prominent utility provider, encountered a challenge stemming from an internal organisational restructuring, which resulted in changes to the hierarchical structure in their data warehouse. This change would significantly impact the functionality of the Row Level Security within their financial Power BI reporting.

Given the routine reliance on this reporting system by numerous users for end-of-month reporting within the business, these organisational changes threatened the accuracy of the data being returned, risking incorrect reporting figures.

The Solution

Row Level Security was managed through the use of Azure AD groups and roles within Power BI. An assessment of the existing security rules and roles was conducted to ensure an understanding of the business rules and how these would be affected by the data changes.

Collaboration with stakeholders was undertaken to identify the new security rules to be applied, as well as to align on any Azure AD group changes to ensure business users only see data relevant to them considering the updated organisational structure.

To mitigate any potential disruptions to business operations, this solution was developed and tested in separate environments prior to being released to business users. 

Business Benefit

  • Heightened accuracy in reporting figures.
  • No disruption to business users or productivity losses due to thorough testing and validation.
  • Access to sensitive financial information strictly governed based on organisational roles and responsibilities.
  • Increased understanding of organisational changes and their impact on data security.
  • The solution not only addressed the immediate challenges but also positioned the client for seamless adaptability to future organisational shifts, ultimately fostering operational efficiency and informed decision-making

Download our full case study here.

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