Author: Rory Tarnow-Mordi

We created a unified model for the City of Adelaide across fragmented data sources (including on-premise, cloud, file-based and SaaS) to deliver a consistent and coherent reporting solution across different teams.

Manual, costly and inconsistent preparation and curation efforts were eliminated through the automated solution, delivering a single source of interactive Customer Program performance reporting.

The Problem

The Customer Program is a customer-oriented group within the City of Adelaide, comprising formerly separate teams. Due to the separation between teams in the past, they each have different data storage and reporting processes. This meant that creating overviews of the status of the program was a complex and time-consuming task, requiring a large amount of effort from different staff, and the leadership group was left with a number of reports of various degrees of consistency to sift through and compare. This made the task of improving customer experience more challenging and time-consuming across the board.

The Solution

Exposé used the Council’s enterprise visualisation tool of choice, Power BI, to connect to the wide array of data stores used by the Customer Program – relational databases, web-based data repositories and shared flat files. The solution was created using an Import mode to minimise the impact of data acquisition on a variety of operational systems. From the fragmented data sources (on-premise, cloud, file-based, SaaS, etc.) a unified model was built to ensure consistency and coherence between different teams’ datasets, and to allow a single set of reports to be developed, scheduled to automatically refresh and made available to the Customer Program leadership group.

Business Benefit

With a single month of development, the project yielded results previously thought to have been too effort-intensive to be feasible at all. The platform entirely eliminated manual effort to curate previously effort-intensive reports, even automating a useful set of reports that had been recently retired due to the sheer amount of effort required previously to maintain them. The leadership group now has a single source of interactive Customer Program performance reporting, minimising effort required to synthesise and gain consensus, and maximising time to understand insights and make decisions.

Download a copy of our case study here.

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