The Problem

An education provider based in South Australia receives government funds that are measured upon when students complete identified courses. They had identified that there were critical points within the student engagement with the organisation where there was a high attrition rate. This ultimately resulted in missed revenue opportunities for the organisation.

The provider wanted to identify the actual attrition at these critical points and look at indicators that may lead to potential student attrition, which then would allow for the development of remedial strategies to attenuate the student attrition.

The Solution

Exposé worked with the customer to identify what data sources were available to help understand their attrition rates. Using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, exposé implemented a model to prepare the required data sources and measures which were then visualised using Microsoft Power BI.

After establishing a working model for identifying the current attrition levels, exposé worked on a predictive model using Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning to assist the provider with calculating newly enrolled students’ likelihood of withdrawing from an enrolled course.


  • Visualisation of student attrition indicators
  • Comparative reporting against the national market
  • Executive dashboards identifying critical trends and KPIs
  • Dynamic and visual data interrogation to identify patterns or root cause scenarios
  • Access to important KPIs and reports anytime, anywhere
  • Enable self-service reporting allowing rapid report development
  • Reports are dynamically generated, utilising real-time information

Business Benefit

The customer can now identify current student attrition rates and potential at-risk students, enabling a greater capacity for control over revenue streams for the organisation and maximise retention of the existing student cohort.

Executive teams can now operate on real-time data and interrogate dynamic reports removing downtime in static reporting turnaround.

The solution enables staff to prepare quick, ad-hoc reports allowing the organisation to respond more proactively to emerging trends or KPI targets.

Download our full case study here.


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