The Problem

This client previously undertook a project to enhance how they use their data and subsequently committed to a company-wide transformation of their data models and reporting systems, beginning with Supply.

With a focus on building complex data models to drive Inventory at Risk analysis and Sustainability reporting, the intent was to replace several disparate systems with a robust, secure and flexible solution that acts as a single source of truth for not only Supply, but the whole company.

The solution was to further enhance reporting through the implementation of a comprehensive, persona-driven,  self-service reporting capability to allow for more informed decision-making.

The client needed a Product Owner to help realise their product vision and build on the development that was already underway.

The Solution

Exposé joined the project part-way through and began by discovering what had been delivered to date, how the delivery team was working and assessing the critical business needs that still needed to be met.

Working extensively with the business and development team, exposé helped to clarify the underlying business rules to ensure the new data models were correct to source data and that it correctly represented at-risk inventory.

We worked with the client to re-scope Sustainability reporting to ensure timely delivery through several workshops and whiteboarding sessions, resulting in a better outcome overall.

In addition, a complex multi-faceted commentary solution that was already in development was quickly identified as not best practice and alternative solutions were investigated. As an interim ‘band aid’ measure, Exposé developed a VBA solution that ensures business compliance with interface agreements, allowing seamless ingestion of commentary files.

Business Benefit

The services and guidance provided by exposé assisted the client with the delivery of their Supply Analytics solution.

Some of the benefits of this engagement included:

  • Improved ability to monitor at-risk inventory with the clarification and implementation of robust business rules delivering more accurate information that was previously available.
  • Improved understanding between the development team and business.
  • Enhanced Sustainability reporting, including progression toward targets.
  • Delivery of an interim solution to normalise business-generated commentary files while a more permanent solution is found.

Download our full case study here.

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