Providing a centralised reporting solution for Board, Management, Operational and Regulatory audiences to measure regulatory Cyber Security framework outcomes.

The Problem 

The Cyber Security team within one of our largest utility customers are responsible for providing governance, oversight and consultation for all aspects of cyber security across the enterprise. This comprises the investment strategies, roadmaps and architectural decisions that impact their cyber security posture. The leadership team had been struggling to stay abreast of all the various projects and initiatives that were in flight across their portfolio, making it difficult and time-consuming to identify delays and blockers crucial to the success of their investment strategies. Activities were being tracked in many different ways using a variety of tools with little visibility to management.

The Solution 

The Exposéteam provided specialist support and expertise to utilise Sharepoint Online as the core data repository for project activities. Sharepoint lists were created to store program tracking data such as tasks, stakeholders, dates, progress status, key milestones, deliverables and many other critical data elements. Additional supporting lists were created to store related information for regulatory and management guideline purposes. Adopting an agile delivery approach, the Power BI Program Tracking App was created by our Exposévisual specialist, incorporating all the various Sharepoint List data to create a consolidated data model. A reporting suite was developed, which included visualisations focussed on Board, Management, Operational and Regulatory interests. Several Gantt chart visuals were used across different aspects of the data to illustrate progress, not dissimilar to what can be seen in a traditional project scheduling tool. Analytical charts were used to show the breakdown of project tasks by domain, priority, resource, delivery type and more. Data quality reports were created to assist administrative staff with accurate data collection. 

The Business Benefit 

This new Power BI App showcases the capability to track and manage projects and initiatives critical in ensuring the successful implementation of the organisation’s regulatory cyber security framework outcomes. This reporting suite enables the Operations Manager and other specialist staff to closely monitor and track progress against key investment group milestones, as well as provide an effective communication tool when presenting regular updates to the relevant management boards and in team meetings. Following the development of this reporting solution, several other business units within the organisation have adopted a similar reporting process and have begun their journey with utilising Power BI as a more efficient tool for reporting and visualisation of their data.

Download the full case study here.

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